“I wholeheartedly recommend Valerie’s editing service.  She is highly professional and proficient. All my spelling and grammar are fixed and she catches continuity issues and the occasional use of an anachronistic word or a missed historical detail. Valerie is a great editor who has made me a better writer.”

—Rebbecca MacIntyre

Contemporary and Historical Romance Writer

“I asked Valerie Gwynn to review an academic article I was preparing for publication in the Thomas Hardy Journal‘s autumn 2019 issue entitled “Hardy Now”. Her turnaround was timely and her feedback succinct. She paid close attention to issues of parallelism, word choice, and clarity of concept. Her line editing was especially useful as was her thoughtful commentary on the article’s argumentation. She was invaluable in pointing out to me places in which my argument needed additional textual support, elaboration, and/or clarification. I am convinced that her help in preparing this manuscript contributed to its acceptance and forthcoming publication.”

—Ethan Stephenson

PhD English  

SIU-C Department of English 

“I’m very self conscious when it comes to my writing. After several bad experiences, I’ve been hesitant to pick up the pen (or the keyboard, in my case) for fear of being judged harshly. Not only did Valerie approach my writing with an unbiased eye, but she helped build my confidence. Those looking for a fair, unbiased, and kind editor should look no further than Pen Gwynn Editing Services. Thanks again, Valerie.”

—Katherine Selig


“Valerie is assisting myself and my cowriter with our Urban Fantasy series. Her line editing abilities are fantastic, saving us from embarrassing typos even our beta readers missed. Her eye for consistency in plot has kept us on track, and her ability to understand a character and their voice has saved us a time or two as well. She’s also helping us with a series bible. Valerie has a solid grasp on editing for genre fiction, and has had a positive impact on our series. She’s easy to work with and able to meet reasonable deadlines.”

—Julie Campbell

Genre Fantasy Author of Novels and Short Stories

Editor of Steampunk Trails Magazine

Member of the Horror Writers Association and Science Fiction Writers of America

“Ms. Gwynn did a thorough and complete critique of my novel which allowed me to re-evaluate issues that I had missed. She’s great at catching details and making sure the timelines work.”

—Rebecca McFarland Kyle

Author / Editor

“I asked Valerie Gwynn to do a final proofread of my novel before publishing it. For the same fee as a proofread, Valerie went way beyond and caught errors that would have detracted from the final production of this book. She gave me a timeframe and stuck to it. I was pleased with the results.”

—Elizabeth Woolsey DVM

Horse Doctor Press

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