There is no one right way to write.

The beauty of English is its flexibility. It can be concise, accurate, and technical. It enables brevity. It offers a marvelous array of colorful synonyms, allowing the reader to be borne away by the breathtaking artistry of it all. Writing is uniquely expressive and endlessly variable.

As a lifelong reader and writer, I have experienced many types of writing and communication. I save each for future use. Rarely have I been seen without a book in hand or pocket. My love for the English language has manifested in a wide variety of forms. I hold a Master of Arts in English as well as a Bachelor of Arts in English with a Writing Minor, each from the University of Northern Colorado, and I have completed UC Berkeley Extension’s Professional Sequence in Editing. I have taught English Composition at the university level, tutored students in the Writing Center, and completed many an academic research project. In a word, I am eclectic. Researching a variety of topics, synthesizing data, and learning new subjects are my specialties. I have both composed and edited creative writing in the form of poems, novels, short stories, and creative non-fiction. I believe in helping writers with the creative process, whether through copy editing, line editing, or proofreading.

There is no one right way to write, but there is writing that is right for each project. Let me put linguistic flexibility to work for you.